Welcome to VU Ballroom!
VU Ballroom is a student-led group at Valparaiso University dedicated to furthering
the practice of ballroom dance in Valparaiso.
We believe that everyone can dance; some people just haven’t learned how to yet!
VU ballroom teaches two free social lessons each week as a part of our social club.
Our organization also sponsors a collegiate competitive team, provide volunteer and performance opportunities, as well as many other social events throughout the year.
Competition Videos 
  1. Purdue 2017 Smooth Gold Round 2
    Gold Smooth final round featuring Scott and Inga!
  2. Badger 2017 Latin Syllabus Paso Doble Round 2
    Syllabus Paso Doble final featuring couples Ben and Kelly and Jon and Axandra!
  3. Badger 2017 Latin Bronze Jive Round 4
    Bronze jive final featuring Noah and Becca!
  4. Badger 2017 Standard Gold WTFQ
    Gold Standard final featuring Steven and Inga!
  5. Badger 2017 Standard Newcomer T Round 3
    Newcomer Tango final featuring Alec and Kyra!
VU Ballroom Youtube Channel